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Groops is a modern approach to emotional wellness, helping you discover more about yourself through guided conversations with other people around everyday issues we all experience.

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“After an hour at Groops, I just feel lighter. It’s nice to have a group to talk to in a deeper way. That’s something missing from my everyday life and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I found Groops.”

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How it works

Expert-led Sessions

Each Groop connects virtually for 60 minutes. Our guides are expertly trained in group dynamics, making sure everyone has a space to be heard and understood.

Everyday Topics

Groops brings people together around a range of subjects central to our daily lives. Gain perspectives on self-growth, parenting, relationships, and work-life.

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Virtual Groop sessions and content suited to your personal interests can be accessed from anywhere and at times that work for you for $79/month.

Invest in yourself and it pays off everywhere else.

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