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Grow together.

As the first group connection platform of its kind, Groops helps people in organizations everywhere grow together through virtual workshops grounded in group psychology. 

Connection is everything,
but disconnection is everywhere.

We are social by nature, yet 8 in 10 employees feel alone, unengaged and disconnected at work, where we spend fully one-third of our lives, costing U.S. organizations up to $406 billion every year in high turnover, low productivity and lack of fulfillment.

Groops experiential programs unlock the power of the group.

Groops helps teams decode individual strengths and group dynamics, improve communication and inclusion, strengthen relationships and trust for better collaboration, and contribute to a thriving culture that keeps everyone committed and motivated.

Our work groups are our modern tribes.

We derive so much of our identities, our sense of purpose and our feelings of community from our work. In an increasingly hybrid world, it’s time we start feeling and living better by working better together.

Building close relationships with colleagues is the greatest determinant of work satisfaction.

The Institute of Leadership and Management

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We are here to create a future of work made of deeper connections and stronger working relationships so we can all feel and do our best, together.

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