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Let’s talk it out.

Groops helps you discover more about yourself through guided conversations with other people around everyday worries and wonders we all experience.

Building a more authentic world, one conversation at a time.

Come to Groops to share stories and hear perspectives that help everyone reflect and grow. We’re here for it all. The bad, the good and everything in between.

How it works

Led by Experts

Each virtual Groop is led by an expert guide who helps the conversation progress and go deeper.

Everyday Topics

Explore a variety of Groops across the categories of self growth, relationships, parenting and work life.

Flexible Membership

Become a member for $60 per month and join unlimited Groops suited to your interests and schedule.

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Groops is evolving and we’d love to have you with us on our next journey. Be one of the first to know about new offerings launching soon.

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