Some work to live, and others live to work. It doesn’t matter where you fall, let’s get clear on what motivates you, where you find purpose, and how to spend more of your work-life fulfilled.

Let’s talk about work & life

Work-life balance and fulfillment is something we all strive for but can feel impossible to achieve. We give you a starting place: to share your own story and learn from others.

Back to Work: Managing Mixed Emotions

COVID-19 turned our worlds upside down. As we adjusted to new ways of working, we had more opportunity to reflect on what was working and what wasn’t. Which means some might welcome a return to office while others are dreading it.

Stress Less: Better Work-Life Balance

Many of us live to work rather than work to live. But a healthy work-life balance looks different to everyone. How do you achieve your ideal? What purpose does work serve and what life do you want? Where is the line?

Stay or Go? Figuring Out What You Want

It’s hard to know what’s best. How to balance money, purpose, and stability. Some might say “just apply to jobs,” but that isn’t helpful. You need to understand more about what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to change.

“I feel lighter. I would tell people to join because you’re going to leave the class feeling lighter. It’s like a mental gym for your head, you can either talk or listen, and it calms you down.”

- Groops member

“My work schedule is crazy, so flexibility is huge for me. I love that Groops provides so many options that I can choose and change depending on what pops up for me that week.”

- Groops member

“Groops helped me see that it’s okay to have these feelings, and just hearing each other and being validated feels so good.”

- Groops member

Invest in yourself and it pays off everywhere else.

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