Before you can shine in every area of your life, you have to prioritize yourself first. Whether it’s self-care, self-reflection, or self-actualization, our Groops help no matter who you are, where you are, what questions you have, or who you want to be.

Let’s talk about self-growth

While talking about yourself can be fun, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. With the help of a Groop Guide and others in similar situations, you’ll unearth new insights into how you’re feeling.

Simple Self Improvement

You are doing great. And there are small things you can do to have a little more energy, feel more connected, and make life just a bit better.

Managing Stress and Anxiety of the Everyday

Here you will learn the basics of managing everyday stress and anxiety through understanding where it comes from, staying ahead of it, changing your thoughts, quieting the body, and managing your relationships when you are maxed out.

Taking Stock During Covid: What Worked, What Didn’t and What to Change

Although there is a lot to leave behind, the pandemic offered us a chance to find new ways of doing things. New ways of living, new ways of understanding ourselves. Let’s get real about what we want to leave behind and carry forward.

“I feel lighter. It’s like a mental gym for your head because you can either talk or listen, and it calms you down.”

- Groops member

“I feel like we always listen to our own thoughts, so it’s nice to hear other people’s thoughts. That’s what I love about Groops! You will feel a connection with other people when you listen.”

- Groops member

“I feel like this Groop was so great because we had this almost blind interaction where we can share our deepest and heartfelt feelings without judgment.”

- Groops member

Invest in yourself and it pays off everywhere else.

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