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How it works

Expert-led Sessions

Each Groop meets via Zoom for 60-minute sessions. Our guides are trained in group dynamics, making sure everyone has a space to hear and be heard.

Everyday Topics

Groops connects members across a range of subjects central to our daily lives. Gain deeper insights on parenting, relationships, work-life balance and anxiety.

Flexible Membership

Access unlimited Groop sessions for $79/month. If it’s not for you, you can get your money back after two weeks.

Get unlimited access to Groops.

Join Groops for $79/month and receive unlimited access to expert-led small group sessions around topic areas that matter most to you. Your first two weeks are free so you can get a feel for which Groops are right for you.

Our members can’t get enough of Groops

“It’s just comforting to know this group of people is here and we can all just be here and talk and not be judged and just be listened to.”
– Groops member

“I love having specific topics to choose from so we are all going in with intention and interest in the subject. You don’t get that in therapy.”
– Groops member

“I felt like after all that I could walk out of my room and feel more refreshed with more patience for everyone in my life.”
– Groops member

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