At Groops, we know that parenting comes with highs and lows at every milestone.

Our sessions and guides are ready to dig into the joys and challenges of raising a family. From preschoolers to teenagers, let’s uncover how you can better understand your kids and yourself as a parent.

Let’s talk about parenting

Not every moment makes it to Instagram. That’s why we dig into the difficult and ever-changing dynamics of raising kids to help you become the best parent you can be.

How to Get Through Parenting a Preschooler

Parenting a preschooler can often feel like being in an unstable relationship. One day it is all rainbows and snuggles, and the next there are meltdowns over the smallest things. Here you will learn why this is normal and how to manage it.

Raising Kids in a Pandemic World

We know the mental health impact of the pandemic is huge, on all of us, including our kids. Here, share your experience, learn about what good mental health looks like in kids, and walk away with tips on how to best support your children.

Teen Support for Parents

Parenting a teen can feel like jumping out of a plane without a parachute: lots of excitement and lots of risk. Having a close relationship helps mitigate all that can go wrong. Connect with other parents of teens and talk about the important stuff to make it the best experience it can be.

“It’s amazing how much these Groops bring out in us! So it really helped to talk with others and hear everyone sharing their challenges.”

- Groops member

“I really felt the non-judgmental and acceptance space in Groops. I’m one to want solutions immediately. So I appreciate the Groop guide taking a step back.”

- Groops member

“I was working from home, and I yelled at my kids a lot. I thought I was a patient mother, but that went completely out the window. With Groops, I’m bringing a different way of listening to them.”

- Groops member

Invest in yourself and it pays off everywhere else.

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