Groops for Business

Modern workplaces are prioritizing the emotional wellness of their employees to help them feel and do their best at work and in life.

Groops for Business benefits:

  • Improved Wellness: Support and improve the mental wellness of all employees.
  • Better Culture: Promote a workplace culture of care, purpose, and authenticity.
  • Greater Productivity: Improved workplace connection and performance.

Groops for Business partnership includes:

Platform Membership

  • Unlimited virtual 60-minute Groops lead by expertly trained guides
  • 36 Groops per week available with wide-ranging topics
  • 24-hour access to emotional wellness content and online discussion boards

Cultural Collaboration

  • Workplace cultural immersion workshops
  • Custom-designed Groops for company leadership
  • Mental wellness events for all employees

Wellness Tracking

  • Quarterly platform engagement analytics reporting
  • Ongoing employee satisfaction surveys after the first 90 days and every 6 months thereafter

Our members can’t get enough of Groops

“It’s just comforting to know this group of people is here and we can all just be here and talk and not be judged and just be listened to.”
– Groops member

“I love having specific topics to choose from so we are all going in with intention and interest in the subject. You don’t get that in therapy.”
– Groops member

“I felt like after all that I could walk out of my room and feel more refreshed with more patience for everyone in my life.”
– Groops member

Workplace wellness is essential for business success:

million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year, which amounts to $16.8 billion in lost employee productivity.1


of employers indicate that mental health is a top organizational or CEO priority for them.2


of employers today plan to increase their behavioral health-related investment.3


of employees say their productivity is affected by their mental health.4


say it’s important that a company’s culture supports mental health.4

1. Harvard Business Review Research: People Want Their Employers to Talk About Mental Health 2019; 2. McKinsey: National surveys reveal disconnect between employees and employers around mental health need.; 3. Lyra: Changing Attitudes Toward Workplace Mental Health Report 2021; 4. Mind Share Partners’ 2019 Mental Health at Work Report.

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