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What is Groops?

Groops is a group connection platform that helps you discover more about yourself through guided conversations with people like you around personal topics. Each Groop is led by a highly-trained facilitator, in small groups of up to 10 people.

What is Groops not?
  • We are not therapy. We are huge proponents of therapy for treatment of psychiatric conditions. Some of our members are in therapy while in Groops, in fact. But, we aren’t clinical. We do not diagnose. We do not treat. We help people talk, share, and connect over the everyday issues that keep us up at night.
  • We are happy to refer you to some of our clinical friends if you are better served by psychotherapy – and we happen to know lots of good people.
What is included in my Groops membership?
  • Virtual platform of guided group conversations that can be accessed anywhere
  • Unlimited small groups of people talking about shared experiences led by a highly trained guide 
  • Discussion Board to stay connected outside of Groop
  • Research-based yet relatable content curated by our Groop Guides


How does Groops work / How do I sign up?
  • Visit https://members.joingroops.com/register
  • Create an account
  • Visit the Calendar to find a Groop you like
  • Provide us with some basic information to finish creating your account, like your credit card details and reviewing our Terms and Conditions
Who leads the Groop?

Each Groop is led by a hand-selected, highly-trained facilitator who is an expert in group dynamics and psychology. Each Groop Guide is trained under Dr. Bobbi Wegner, participates in biweekly Supervision Groop, and receives ongoing training.

How many people are in a Groop?

Up to 11, including the Groop Guide. We know that working together in smaller Groops is most beneficial for you, so we cap all Groops at 10 people. We will run a Groop as long as one member is present.

How much does it cost?

Your unlimited Groops membership is just $79 per month. Your first two weeks are free so you can get a feel for which Groops are right for you.

What is the two-week trial?
The two week trial is your opportunity to experience all that Groops has to offer – on us. You get full membership access to unlimited expert-led discussions and community boards, and we’ll even send you reminders throughout your trial so you can cancel any time before your card is charged.
How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re not satisfied with the Groops experience, we’ve made it easy to cancel your subscription. Simply log in to your Groops account, go to your Billing Details, and click Cancel Subscription. You can also email support@joingroops.com to cancel your subscription.

What's your story

Dr. Bobbi is a practicing clinical psychologist, author, and lecturer at Harvard. She knows all the obstacles people face getting support for things they need just a little help with. Therapy is much needed for clinical conditions, but a little help helps a lot for the condition of – being human. Feeling good in our relationships, families, work, and with ourselves helps us feel our best overall. Just like physical health, it is important to take care of our mental wellness too. Talking, sharing, connecting, and learning from each other helps us take care of our mental wellness. Groops is a place to have candid, unashamed conversations about the things that matter most to us. What happens in Groop, stays in Groop. 

Can I be anonymous?

Kinda. We are the home for many people who would not otherwise talk about their feelings. We get talking about your private stuff might feel uncomfortable at first. You can choose your name but we ask that you show your face – it is how we really show up and it creates a sense of trust for everyone. We know once you feel the safety, you will trust it is okay to show up completely in whatever way feels right to you. No judgement here.

Are the Groop Guides licensed?

We share stories of our lives and we are not treating anything. Because we have no interest in diagnosing you or pathologizing your experience, we are focused on hiring the best group facilitators with expertise in their respective fields. These could be psychologists, physicians, coaches, therapists, professors etc. Some are licensed clinicians, and some are not. BUT, all facilitators are vetted and well-trained by a licensed clinical psychologist (Dr. Bobbi Wegner, Co-Founder of Groops) in the Groops approach. Because we believe in the power of self-growth through the shared human experience, all Guides participate in biweekly Groop Supervision.

Does insurance cover anything?

It does not, because we are not a medical treatment. We share stories, experiences, and our worries to learn and grow through connection. We believe that if you think it or feel it, it is by default human because you are human. If you think it or feel it, others think and feel it too. It is not a disorder. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you’ll get a private space to deep dive into the stuff that keeps you up at night.

Is my information private?

YES, of course. Culture of Trust is our first and foremost community tenet. What happens in Groop, stays in Groop. At the beginning of each Groop, every participant is asked to agree to a verbal agreement on how to keep Groops private. We trust you to build a trusting space for us all.

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